Time for change

Welcome! After making a health/fitness blog at JMU for a school projected called The Lively Lemon I am going to start my own! I’ve named it The Clean Plate club after a few things – when I was younger it was an achievement that my siblings and I strove for after dinner (which usually resulted in dessert) as well as the fact that I am really trying to only put “clean” foods on my plate i.e. organic, not full of pesticides, locally produced when possible and humane. Here we go…

I am what some people might consider a “chronic dieter.” In 2015 I discovered an incredible company, Isagenix, and shed 26 pounds over the course of about 3 months. I kept it off for nearly a year after that. I worked hard, didn’t “cheat”, and followed the system until I learned to really love and embrace the notion of eating clean and what it can do for your body.

However, in the past year I’ve been in a rut. My metabolism has been stagnant, I’ve gained a ton of that weight back despite eating less and continue to swear by my Isagenix shakes and intermittent fasting deep cleanse days. Every day since November of 2015 I have incorporated at least one, often two, meal-replacement shakes into my day, two Natural Accelerator supplements in the morning, a magnesium supplement at night, and 1-4 cleanse days a month. Not surprisingly, i’ve become extremely irritated overtime I step on the scale only to see that the number continues to creep UP instead of down. It’s not that I want to be super skinny or want to look like someone, I just want to feel comfortable in my clothes and confident in my body.

This blog is not here to bash Isagenix, I still think the company is wonderful and that the nutrition is as well and hope to incorporate it into my diet again soon. The convenience is addicting and the nutrients in them are second to none… and they are just GOOD. I’ve also followed a number of people on their journeys to financial success within the company, which I will continue to work towards, and have fallen in love with the free-spirited, entrepreneurial leaders that the company attracts.

That being said, it’s time to shake it up for a month or two and tell my body I’m not joking around. It’s (finally) spring and time to pull out the shorts and bathing suits. My mom has been a firm believer in Haylie Pomroy’s The Fast Metabolism Diet. She and my dad gave it a go a few years ago and shed pounds like crazy. I’ve always been pretty skeptical and after getting my own results from Isagenix – I’ve been wary about changing my ways and lets face it… who wants to have to tell their mom they were right?

Fast forward to Monday. Day 1, Phase 1 of my journey on the Fast Metabolism Diet began.   I’ve also put off starting this blog, which my mom has been telling me to start since I started Isa in 2015 (yes mom. you were right.) …So here we are on Wednesday playing the game of catch up.

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